Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Khadgar and Autumn Season starts - Watch Out

It’s come to the end of the summer holidays, and already the swing in online attendance has increased, and those offline returning back online. Our latest numbers on tanks jumped up to 7 (myself included) so I have set my Death Knight as an Alt as a backup tank, as obviously at some point we will have another tank shortage again.

This is the time of year we also see an increase in applicants to the guild, some good applicants which are long term members, and others who are the froggers of guilds to get to eXperience or Iron Brew etc for the top end raiding, and see TDD as a stepping stone to get there. Which don’t get me wrong, it’s a compliment to know we can facilitate that need on Khadgar…but no thank you? Sometimes we shut down the guild recruitment all together during Autumn and Spring, because you can get some right “spare wooden tool’s to the workshop” that you spend more time looking after and educating your guild policy to, just to have them apply to another guild when they reach the minimum gear requirement. TDD has always recruited on a referral system. You know someone from TDD, and TDD has pugged or quested along side with for an amount of time with, then that individual has more chance of being accepted than Joe Blogg…
It’s soft ground for us at the moment as we tread on 25 man territory, it’s not an overly large swing from Uldar 25 itself, and that’s almost the game content played, so TDD people walking, running around in any major city is an advertisement of the progress level. The important thing to do, (as we always have) is make use of what we have and consolidate it firmly to establish ourselves as a new habit (25man) and get a system of habit consistent weekly. Make sure that all members of your guild/raid are hugged, find out what’s ticking, and make sure there is contentment. We have what we need, and if there is any short fall, turn around on the off nights of raiding and support them. Recruiting to fill a lack of something is ignoring a simple problem and potentially recruiting another.
August can break a guild if managed flipantly, remember a mass increase in numbers means more work looking after 5-10 new faces that may or may not move on in 6 weeks time.

The next 4 weeks are going to fascinate me, greatly. I will keep you posted in August <3 Khadgar

Monday, 27 July 2009

This Week

The weekend went quite well, however i didnt get any trinkets from either Halls of Lightning, or Azjol Nerub. However i did score with the legs from heroic Violet Hold, and accumlated enough badges to buy the Heroic emblem belt.
Now im still stuck for trinkets, and i also need to fill the ring slots too. So i need to research what is available, ....and has the highest defense on it to give me some flexability

Main Trinket
Seal of the Pantheon - Halls of Lightning (N)
Repelling Charge - Thaddius / Gluth
One of these trinkets is very essential as a base for a tanking set with blues the def cap is fine, but upgrading your gear to epic level your defense plumets!
It's without this trinket im suffering with my current gear, and need's to solve this first.
The other trinket is normally stamina based. Essence of Gossamer from Azjol Nerub in Heroic mode.

Optional Rings
Dragonflight Great Ring - Oculus 38 (N)
Gal'darah's Signet - Gundrak 36 (N)
Epic Rings
Rings are not really that much of a worry at the moment, the ones i am wearing will do. The priority this week would be, trinkets still.

Shoulders are not really important this week, however if any Teir shoulders drop, then that would be a bonus. Or even those listed in the link.

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Weekend Gear Run

After the week of leveling to 80, and then the following week gearing from Heroic level entry gear to, Naxx 25 entry, there are 5 items outstanding. Before the Naxx 25 next Monday + Tuesday

1 crafted ring
Legs from either Violet Hold, or OS 25
and 2 trinkets, one from (H) Azjol-Nerub and the other from Halls of Lighting Normal
And the Belt from (H) Azjol-Nerub

That pretty much will cover all of the low level gear items im still wearing, so i will either be deep in 5 mans this weekend or trying to get an OS25 going (pug)

PuG Naxx 10 - Leading from the front

We have all been there havent we? Ok, yes i have been also with my DK into a PuG 5 man, or 10 man raid, and looked at the tanks gear and thought, "Ahh cool if he/she is wearing that, we'll be ok" .......Then 5 minutes later reading a tank bleeting in raid chat after a wipe about no heals...and thinking, " sure you where trying to tank with your backside, aimlessly running around?!"
This wasnt the case with a PuG Naxx 10 i joined last night. Alongside a "Euphoric" Alt Tank Gélion who was on the ball, and i was always in constant whisper with, we worked well as a team. The raid leader was good also, kept everything clear, and soon enough we had 3 wings done and heading upto 4 Horsemen in no time.
Unfortunately we didnt get to finish it, but the hope is to reschedule for tonight. But i dont know if i will make it or not. However, i did managed to get 3 bits of tanking gear to help me along the way. What did i get..necklace, bracer and sword. Tier token that dropped was always for warriors etc, and classes we didnt have with us!.
"Nad" -It might also boil down to a reputation, not many people call my character by its nickname, and although it might seem an obvious nick, "Nadia" is the common saying, "Nad" is the familliar. And there was an awfull lot of "Nad" in the raid. So i will go with the assumption they knew the GM of TDD by mention, or they got a lucky guess. However i am always pleased to know that if there is any familliarity with TDD, and a good reputation, then im a happy GM for it.
Gear progress has now jumped from Naxx entry to Heroic Naxx entry in one evening, i need to pull out my crafted cloak again, to see if i managed to hit defense cap with it on, the blue seemed to fill the gap. And im 20 badges short of the Emblem tanking belt. or 14 if i want to convert the Valor tokens from the Naxx 25 from last week.
Garland has been getting hit pretty hard for expenses, after the crafted armour and gems and enchants, 3k has been spent. And last night 4oog on sorting out the 3 bits of gear i gained last night...where will it end ....

ULDAR - TDD also managed to kill Ignis on their 3rd attempt and 1 shot on Kologarn. Looking at it, we might look at extending the 10 Man Uldars for progression when 3.2 comes until the Naxx 25 geared the guild enough for Uldar 25 entry. However i need more people to have a look in the door of Uldar 25 to get an idea of what to do, on a smaller scale, however if i know 10 folk are familliar, thats half the battle in itself.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Guild Management

I take a screenshot for every compliment the guild gets. Not to show off, or brag, but when eventually when warcraft has its last day, i can look back on my guild slideshow and reflect back on some good times, and some brilliant achievements "they" made.
It's also a morale boost for myself, as sometimes, you get that doom feeling. And you need a good kick up the arse to put you back on track sometimes. Last night after the raid (25man) there was almost a debrief not just of the raid, but of the guild.
To keep you up with current affairs, Realm (Our co-operative raiding guild) split into 2 halves, their guild leader came over to TDD, and with him brought who he considered his friends. We are delighted with this, as it has been something we have been waiting for, for almost a year. We know them, and they know us, and..we have raided together, and know we all work together well.
Our 25 man looting rule was going to be daunting. We had full members, Switched main members (Considered on 4 week trial), New members (on 4 trial) , and Ex-Realm members (on 3 week trial). And on top of that...offspec.
How do you make a simple rule for that?, so after consulting with the officers int he raid, i decided to announce to the guild, 1 Main roll (main spec and full member), followed by an open roll if no full member rolled. That was now simplified, and easy to maintain and importantly - efficently quick, and also vocally prompting fairness. My officers did really well to poke any obstructions, questions and debates out of raid chat, to keep the raid running smoothly.

For 25 man, for me, you really need a team behind you supporting your raid leading to take care of the "fussy" details you could do without being distracted from. And more voices backing your decisions, help everyone toe the line. This blog by Pwnwear is at the heart of what needs to be done, and i kept reminding myself of it last night. This *mindset as a team* got us, for the first time, through 2 wings of Naxx25, with laughter, (with tears sometimes), and a great sense of guild teamwork, regardless of membership level. We've done it before in TBC, however i think during that, time we forgot how to work in a larger scale raid.

Expectations - It is very easy to get swept away with the momentum of progress. I find it myself..thinking "gogo go while the rythmn is good, book another day's raid" The fall-out from that is, your loosing your guilds focus as a "casual guild that raids" We're a grounded guild, that raids 3 nights a week, and fills the rest with supporting each other, and making those 3 days *count* Consistancy being the paramount. If your away from home for a while, you will know that TDD will be raiding Mon/Tues and Wed and Thurs no matter what..
What we also felt was, raiding (offically) more that 3 nights per week turned us from a "casual guild", to a "raiding guild" even if that meant 4 nights a week....that leaves 3 days to have a social life...or even just a life! Remember remember, theres 7 days to a week!
And with children, babies, and homework etc etc, thats just not a reality, ....we learned it before, and we'll learn from it again and we'll aviod the inevitable burn-out.

Guild Leadership - One thing i will always remember from an old friend Tem, was his encouragement in /w regarding guild leadership. He had a heir of roll play in his conversations, and would always re-assure me on my choices. Now Tem, was a much older man than myself, he was a healing paladin and a mighty one at that, with such a great personality. He had no ambitions to be an officer or GM. And was probably "one of" the most loyal members of my guild/s, over 4 guilds in 4 years.

It was that people expected a strong leader, but a subtle one. A confident leader, but a humble one. And a generous leader to thought of his guild first, before himself.

And if all those things where accomplished in a leader, he would follow, no matter where it lead to. As long as the guild leader believed in him, he would return the loyalty for it . I think the same can be said of officers too, as a team doesnt just depend on its leader.

Its knowning what is good for the guild, and what will break it (by your learning experiences) and apologise for any bad choices you do decide to make. Your human, not immortal, and your allowed to make mistakes to learn from, we all wernt born GM's or raid leaders. But its in those moments you realise who should be in your guild, and who needs to move on.

Monday, 20 July 2009

First Dungeon & First 10 man raid

My defense was only 528, a mixutre of tempered and Titansteel and Defense gems to boost myself tot he cap. We did a normal UP and got the chest quest reward which helped, then heroic VH, and got a blue cloak, which then took me over the def cap..after a chest defense enchant.
Sabriel, returned to healing, which for me, is a confidence boost in having my pre-TBC healer back onboard. Micke (aka Punkgirl), Leni, Scota (Trivia) and are new chap Baconburger all came to help out in me getting backinto the tanking brain train, which to be fair in reflection, didnt take all that long.
VH kept bugging on us in heroic mode, and we had a go at normal instead, which seemed ok and we did get through it without fuss. I re-arranged some spell abilities, and decided to goto the LFG channel and pick up a pug. I was asked if i would tank Naxx 10.
Offtanking for a Warrior Tank Uldar geared, i was in good company. I would catch the strays, and at this point i should mention my threat is a problem at this time, as Punkgirl mentioning in H VH, he had to mis-direct alot to ensure i kept aggro in the company of T7 and Heroic geared dps.
Naxx wasnt generous however, Spiderwing and Military done, (except the 4 horsemen) as nothing tank worthy dropped :( but it was a great practice for me, and a good team we where in. Which has me confident to off-tank tonight with the guild, and raid lead it without tanking gear concerns. I think for the most part, OS 10 and VoA to try and get hold of some T7 gloves and legs.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Level 80 - Ding!!

Started out at 8PM UK time, and finished at 23:45, from 3 bars into level 79 and hit level 80 after the Undercity Quest chain fighting alongside Mr Stormwind King himself.
So roughly, thats 1 level per night, each night 4 1/2 hours of leveling. DONE!!
Im relieved that i ts now out of the way, which leaves the rest of the week now before the reset to concentrate on gear from heroics and the missing bits or crafted armour like rings and a necky. The titansteel was all done within 1 hour, with the help of Micke. Theres not much point in buying anything from the Ah thats expensive at the moment, with 3.2 on the way, its time to prepare a 5 man team (loosely) for the day it goes live. Meantime its worth getting whatever gear is available from the 5 mans to cap the defense. Last night with only the titansteel and some tempered Saronite armour i think i managed 520 or something, but im ungemmed and unenchanted also (except the shield) .
Need to get into the Son's of Hodir rep, and Head enchant folk as a priority now. Bt things are looking good so far.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Level 79

Well this one was a little slow. With a little help from guild i was able to complete some elite group quests. Cissen also pointed me in the direction of some new quests in Zul Drak and off i merrily went. There were some guild events going on later in the evening which slowed things down, but it was worth it. After a ding on level 79, i was happy to call it a night at 3 bars in again.
Nad now has 1000g in the bag, and Garland is now over 1k. I will have to update Garlands post!

It might be possible to achieve 80 tonight/today. It would be nice to get level 80 done and out the way before Sunday.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Level 78 and a Half

Again, i started with 4 bars to go until the next level (78) and ended up halfway through the level. K3 lead onto the Son's of Hodir quest, however i think i will need some help with the Thorim guy down in the corner of the map to continue the quest chain.

At that point, i moved back into Zul Drak and started cleaning up my loose ends with quests. Seemed easier now just to put carbonite on Auto trak itself and then follow the arrow arround. Its now friday, and i have noticed that the background downloader trigger last night..3.2 is looming, so the timing was just right. I havent taken much notice of the gear for dps on the way through all these quests, and will have to stick pawn back on to i can quickly check upgrades and downgrades. Most of the time i fling the blue stuff on without thinking.
Reputation Enchants - Argent Dawn i believe was the head enchant for tanks, and then of course the Son's of Hodir for the shoulder enchant. Then theres the exalted tanking gear from each faction, ...BUT i have the enchant rep for the TBC tanking enchants, which will do as a fill in, so its NOT that immediately important at the moment. And then theres the crafted tanking gear which i will have to request to be made (again).
I will have to sort out a routine for Son's of Hodir rep, and wear the tabbard of the Dawn as a habit.
Gold is now back at the level it was (not bad for 2 days work) and a little more (Garland =860g) and (Nad= 580g) before i bought cold weather flying. I will consolidate both funds together and start Garland off with 100g again. Total would be about 1300g, with the weekend coming up its ideal timing, ....again. Another 600g in the next few days would be helpfull with the crafting side of gear for the guild bank if i could deposit 2k into it. I'd say 2k, for covering the armour, rings, cloak and anything else i can think of (enchants & gems). The gear is crafted by matts created by the guild and sold to any member half the price of the AH. So when would the right timing be for that? probably today actually...with it being the weekend, and no raids scheduled, so i'll have to set that in motion later today.
Dis-enchanting my T4 and T5 badge rewards..Its going to hurt, but if fok in TBC who did Black Temple have replaced their gear around Naxx level, its time to re-think what im doing hanging onto them. It might also be my 600g im looking for too.

Respeccing Not entirely sure when to respec as tank, i did think on the 5 minute of dinging 80, and probably still will. I did have a fleeting thought of respeccing at 79, but then that would kill the leveling to 80, so maybe not such a good idea after all.
Patch 3.2 Naxx? Well, lets have a think. Emblems now turn into a global currency, which can buy Conquest items..Heroic Dailies also drop these Emblems...And i want to catchup as quick as possible? I am below the current gear level of the guild at the moment. Will folk be inspired to goto Naxx with the emblem change? I dont know...some are sick of Naxx already, which is why we moved to Uldar. I may have to pug, but a 10 man will do. But i have a joker up my sleeve, and in a typical Tenacious Nad style i already have a backup plan should the guild decline the invitation ;)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

How Much Mister? - Netherdrake Vs Red Drake

Aproximately 4 days worth of quests including dailies (making sure you do the eggs quest shortens the time taken to reach exhalted.) and 160g to buy the Drake by being exhalted anyway with the faction, however you get to choose a Drake as a quest reward anyway.
4000g for Artisan riding if i bought the skill from HonorHold (exhalted rep discount in patch 3.2...i thought you bought it in Shadowmoon Valley...will have to look that up!)
or 2000g just to by the red drake after getting exhalted, and 4000g for the riding skill too (Artisan) ...with comments on wowhead about the animation etc not being very good, the classic *and my first love) Netherdrake, wins on budget and on looks..Thats of course, after i tank up in gear first! Which, i will have to work out a schedule for, see now theres a new idea for the casual raider to read prehaps?

Edited - Egg Quest was written wrong

Level 77 - Cold Weather Flying

For a while i didnt hink i would make 77 last night, 75 and 76 seemed very progressive, i had no distractions. And again i had to go to past mid-night to ding and then..sort out Garland afterwards.
Cold Weather flying was bought up, as i had to do the Feryn quest line to get the Ding! And i kept thinking to myself, have i run out of rested bonus or forgot to put my Shoulders on, but until this very second....i just realised what was missing...the realm exp buff from WinterGrasp! Ahwell, that will be why lol. But i was scratching my head thinking, "damn! im sure something is missing"

Already the trash selling and quest rewards on Nad has the Bag funds upto 580g (not including Garland's) after the cold flying buyout. My leveling guide peaked out at S'Basin, and i have made a leap over to K3 to start the quest line for Son's of Hodir ASAP, once thats done i'll assess Rep with enchant factions and work from there. And then stop, and pile into Evil Nads mining with a vengence, and Artemís "Herbalisim" and Daily farming. Thats the plan anyway..just have to get to that level 80 as soon as i can.

But for now, 1 level per evening is nearly slipping out of my grasp.
3 levels to go - StormPeaks and Icecrown left (With some Zul Drak Quests remaining)

That means Sunday 19th July? as a goal.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Garland - Week 1 ~ Auctioneer

arland, is my Alt banking character. Using Auctioneer pre-LK i accumlated 1k gold just by reselling under priced AH items, starting her off with 5g, she reached 500g in 5 days. And after 1 weekend upped it to over 1k. I WILL update a Garland post weekly as i OBJECT to pay for gold guides on how to use something we can all learn for free. If infact their methods are the same.
Today, with both Evil Nad (miner & JC) and Good Nad (Enchanter & Engineer), plus a herbalism Hunter (level 67?) doing dailies and random drop grinding. I will be constantly feeding Garland this week and scanning the AH for this weekend. Nad, doesnt need green item gear, and uses the Soulbound quest equipment, if not DE'ing it and sending that to Garland also.
There are 3 main priorities here which is aiming for around 4k gold.
1- Cold weather Flying
2- Craftable Tanking Gear
3- Duel Spec
.................and a Dragon flying mount.....why? because i damn well deserve one lol, for months i ached, literally ached for a blue TBC. Never got one...can you hear that violin?

Anyway, after wiping my addons and using the standard UI with the leveling addon, i now need the following. Auctioneer, Enchantrix, Postal & BeanCounter.

Im kind of excited, and all i can think about is getting home tonight as quick as i can, installing everything and powering on with the leveling. And i just...cant wait to get back into pala tanking again. .....Home....home sweet home.

Update**Here is the first screenie with the opening balance. And the second after 4 hours of leveling. So what did i do?

To begin with I transferred 100g, I didn’t need to but I did anyway for deposits etc. I could have just transferred 10g, it makes no difference.
Then with the white and above items I had collected with Nad, including dis-enchanted items, I scanned (as you see on the first shot, what everyone else was selling for, and under cut them by 2%....why 2%, the default is 5% and for what its worth, so long as your items appear before anyone elses, why lose 1g, or 50s if you can undercut your competition by 90 copper? Or want yours the cheapest…but not that cheap!! Items like enchanting, I mark up right smack bang in the middle of the average and ..again, undercut by 2% when I have enough data from auctioneer, I will buy up the blue PCT (which means under market priced value) and resell them.

That’s the basic’s of it.

Next Garland post will be about the weekend AH

100g Start to 580g 4 hours later half of the first stock sold, Auction set for 48 hours., Plus the additional items you see in screen shot 2 where listed on the AH the same night also..

Level 76 - Still but close

very opportunity i had was plagued with problems. It was my own fault for bring Nad back into the guild so soon, i have no-one else to blame but myself. for 1 hour approximately i stood still answering questions between 19:15 and 20:15, then after that, lag, and some guild issues ensued (recruitment) and by 21:45 i finally managed to get the 3rd bar of my experience bar on the move.
I thought by starting earlier last night i would get a good ramp on through, but the Addon Alliance QuestUp kept crashing me too, because it was using so much memory. And i had to tackle a recruitment issue to resolution, as it effects our guild in a positive way and needs to be checked during this delicate process. So almost 3 hours later, and a new addon.
I made my way to S Basin and made a start there, my last addon and the new one did'nt quiet gel for Zul, and i couldnt match up quests, so i though i would just leave it and move into the level 77 area, and take it from there. So from 22:00 UK time until 00:00 i got from the begining of level 76 with 3 bars, to needing 4 bars to level which i thought was quite good, PunkGirl and Nyessa helped a bit with some outsanding group quests they needed done in Dragon Blight. So everything came good in the end.
Gold is now 1330g, and i have started throwing none soulbound greens to Garland (My Alt Auctioneer). If i manage level 80 with both cold weather flying and duel spec payed for before then, it will be leveling enchanting and selling the enchants in the AH.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Casual Guilds #1 - from a GM's PoV

Our guild did'nt have the best of beginings, and like most guild formations, they are either created by a break up of a guild or a reformation of one from previously. Ours was born from the ashes of a feud around the officers, GM and guild member pockets, otherwise known as cliques'

I had experience of leading a guild previously, but we only played the game to socialise and enjoy some world pvp in Astranaar previous to TBC, we didnt aim for Molten Core, or Dire Maul. We were around level 30-50. Our social group joined another guild, prior to the creation of TDD, which is where we pick up this record of events from.
Our first officers evening was guildless, we stood about Stormwind cheese shop discussing between 10 members what we where going to do. I was asked if I would be the GM of the guild, but I made it quite clear I would have officers of my choice. Loyal folk who I had grown to know well throughout my gaming and those that I thought each having a quality (whether you would consider them good or bad personally) where a quality that assured a balanced argument no matter what the subject was, and have that argument on a mature level without a stigmatic level of Ego. This took some months to balance out however, we started with 4 officers, but with some real life issues and disputes both in and out of the game 1 retired and moved onto another guild, and today has returned. But was replaced in consideration of the circumstances of the previous leaving (IE too close to RL in issues), so we picked someone outside of the RL circle so to speak.
Knowing your officers as well as you can do, in RL and ingame is a careful balance of too much and too little can cause long term aggro within your officer chat and guild decisions, AND cause aggro outside of the game too.
You also need to know that your officers are reluctant to lead your guild too. The right frame of mind is "I will support you, if you support me as an officer" not, "I said this last week to XXX and you have gone completely over my head" If you can work with your officers and forgive any mis-understandings, you're guild is more the better for it. You should be able to consider your officers your best mates either in game or out of the game with a trust on the same level as faith! If you can't work with your officers, or they cant work along side with you, who the hell do you expect to follow you as a team, as a guild being lead by a group of disputing non-communicating fools? Start your guild... as you mean to go, and always maintain that team of officers.

If you're running a casual guild, what we learned, was having the balance of raider and casuals always in question "Are we raiding too much?" and "are we progressing?" and finding that middle ground of acceptable commitment to raiding. We found that at the very limit, 3 Nights per week was the most we could consistently have a regular sign up without burning the guild out, or our raid leaders.
3 was, and still, is the magic number. (Limit it to 2 nights per week if you want a 25 man raids instead of 10, then you're making a narrower window of raiding opportunity, and always start your raids from Wednesday reset day followed by Thursday night). This seems to work for us on a regular basis. Sometimes the guild will get carried away with progress and commit themselves *by request* to an additional raid night to achieve something. Let it happen, and then bring it back down to the regular nights again straight after, you want folk to request extra raids like this by majority.
But this is the most important thing of all about raiding, DO NOT advertise yourself as a raiding guild, no matter what YOU think it means, will mean one thing only, ....YOU raid...never mind anything "RAID" that’s it, and you know when you've gone wrong is when they login without checking the in game calendar and ask.......are we raiding tonight?
I cannot tell you how many times we have had to fight off mis-informed players who have got through the recruiting net, because someone told them we where a raiding guild, or they mis-understood we where a casual guild first..Raiding second. And to date, this one issue has been our one gripe in guild issues. casual?
I work 5 days a week, 1 week I finish work at 5:30pm and home for 6pm UK time, and the other week I finish at 4:30pm and home at 5pm UK time.
I eat, I help put our baby girl to bed after a bath, clean up and get ready to settle down by 7:30pm in the evening relaxed and ready to login to warcraft. Raids start from 7:45pm/8pm UK time and I log off by 11pm or, set to finish the raid by 10:30pm earliest (UK time), because like the rest of the world, I have a job to go to the next day, others have children and school/college, and in Europe its 11:30pm.
I login on a Wednesday, Thursday for a raid, Mondays to help anyone needing help with quests or dungeons, heroics or world events etc. So 2 nights of the week I will commit to a guild raid. (We'll have a raid on Tuesday also).
Our raids are buffed, organised, and each member of the raid picks his or her food buffs and flasks from the Gbank tab buffs.
We have a guild turn over of about 2 members per month recruited, and maybe 1 leaving within that month or two. And we recruit players we feel have a personality that wont clash with the rest of the guild.
I would rather recruit a player who didn’t know everything, and learned by asking his/her guild for advice, rather than boasting it in guild chat, or linking achievements. If someone is really that good, they would not need to speak up for themselves...others would do it for them. And you will see it in /g chat how you notice good people, or good players...
Players and People, It is easier to learn to be a good player, "good people"..Now, there's the gem in the crown, and you should build your guild from that small insight of information, if you're building a casual guild.
People are more human than players.

Members & Ex-Guild Members

If those stats show the majority people leave TDD to join End Game raiding guilds, or stop playing. In the "guild circle" of relations, TDD is considered to be one of the "best" casual guilds on Khadgar with feedback from Ex TDD members applying to End Gaming guilds.

Level 76

reat, im now in Zul Drak, and that made the difference as Grizzly Hills was starting to fade out and i only had 3 bars left to go. As yet nothing comes close to the tanking gear T4 and badge gear of TBC ..yet (tank wise) but i know thats about to change sometime soon.
Im guessing by 78 ...
I now have every green and blue DE'ed in my bags that i had to pit stop in Stormwind to offload both my tanking gear and enchanting mats into the bank. While i was there i rechecked the def cap and total health wearing my old gear. 16k unbuffed, and still with the old enchant stuff on them. and 490 def. Compared to one of our offspec tanks Kalloss 29k health at the defence cap. So some way to go, and some gear to upgrade! However im sure the trinkets will go a long way, including the rings.
Im not signed up to a raid tonight, and i re-inserted Nad, (Or Good Nad as the guild call her) back into the GM spot in TDD, replacing the Death Knight. So thats me now on a 4 week character swap cool down. This stops raiding loot being dispersed to flighty character swappers within the guild.
Gold is now 1100g, i plan to level up my enchanting and sell the enchants on the AH to get a bit more cash for both cold weather flying and duel spec, plus matts for craftable gear. At a rough estimate i would need about 3k...i think.

Oh, the wireless keyboard and mouse came yesterday.
I was surprised at how thin the keyboard was, and how light the mouse was, but they didn’t *feel* cheap. In-fact felt very solid, and quiet. And the mouse...normally you have that lag delay with wireless mouse's, but no, instant movement and accurate, so im very pleased with it. £23.99 from
The old wired keyboard and mouse have now been retired, and after a whole evening of levelling, im 110% satisfied in the Cherry Sirus XT kit. And would recommend it to any friend or stranger looking to go wireless, on a budget! It was a simple plug in and thats the job done, no install disk etc.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Level 75 & 5th day of no smoking

his one i had to say up a little later for on Saturday night to hit 75. It was a combination of little quests and jumping from Dragon Blight to Grizzly Hills alot that hempered the progress. Post 75 Ding, Grizzly Hills seems to have been consistant, however im looking forward to moving into a new area with unspoilt quests to really benefit from a good leveling session.

The old mightiness of Nad is returning, (not me personally), but the abilities she has to survive and move across ground quickly, shield and drop 900ft with bubble to commando drop in on a town and round up 6 mobs and clear a small village quickly.
Such is the versatility and flexibility of the class (which i missed on the DK), i think the only class that comes close to it (in my eyes) is the druid. Which was an equal contender as a class for me to play. (But time and leveling from 48 was its downfall in choice).

It's be 5 days now since my last cigerette, and i can honestly say this last week and weekend have not been the best weekend i have had in a long while. And twice (including this morning), i have just wanted to light up and say "F**** U!!" but i didnt give up smoking for anyone else, i gave up for me, and that would have been childish and meaningless.
I have remained quite sure throughout the weekend i will not light one up.
The hardest part of stopping smoking is between 3 and 5 days (today) and although i didnt feel i got off to a good start, im pretty sure today i should be alright. I have a 15 year habit, to keep breaking, every day, and remain in the *right* frame of mind about it. I know im going to be spikey, and impatient sometimes due to the "pangs" but even i have the self control not to act like a complete twat, when i dont get my own way. And think about what i say before i say it.

But regardless of where reality actually is, i pretty much feel alone in this struggle against addiction (which i guess it should be), as i constantly seem to be adjusting my lifestyle to suit not going out the front door for a smoke every hour.!! did i just have a Monday morning rant?...this is new.

Ret Specced & Armed and dangerous - While im on the subject, i'll return this topic back to wow. And while i am in this transition of the old "/afk Nad out side smoking to non smoker", its better that i am not in my own guild, making decisions or responding to any guild member until i have defeated my own demons meantime. Last thing i guess anyone wants is Nad' in the purest form of literature, bearing down on individuals, and i know i can get very direct and unwavering when the red flag goes up. However it doesnt mean you have free license to use that as an excuse lol

870 Gold in the savings account!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

My Gaming PC

I guess i should do a post on my infamous PC.

Appart from the obvious hardware internals, the PC is inside a briefcase. Yes, and small briefcase, with 4 vent holes in the top! I will upload some pictures of it later...
Meantime, since its nice and compact, i have been thinking of making it mostly wireless. Its already wireless network connected. But i was looking at keyboards and mouse.
Now im not overclocker expert etc, but i wanted something nice, affordable and not blowing stupid amounts of money away.
So with some vouchers from Raen for my birthday i have bought a Cherry eVolution Sirius XT
Most of the reviews i have read seem to say its good, and isnt cheap enough to miss key or mouse lag. So we'll have to see, Leni has a hateous for cables trailing over the floor, and it wasnt until i started getting tangled myself i decided wireless could be the best option!
The PC was put together after a friend used donated hardware to make us a newer computer with unwanted stuff he had in his house. I bought the graphics card off ebay, it was a reasonable price for reasonable performance. With the case area being quite small, i didnt want to install something that would pump out quite alot of heat.

Ding 74

oly cow did i go for it last night.
Im sure the leveling will slow down at some point, in between levels, but even Leni was getting annoyed at me with the "Quest Complete" being broadcasted by Carbonite every 5 minutes. Crusader Aura has alot to answer for, aswell as QuestUp Alliance (Which seemed to use 40MB of game memory in the end, and lagged my game, and ended up having to switch it off) I just kept going and going. I think with one good evening 75 is also possible, if i put the same amount of time in, but i have to make sure QuestUp Alliance doesnt lag my game as much...i'll have to look into that.
Im not sure how far T4 tanking gear will meet its match in WOTLK, but so far the blue and greens havent quite matched the dps gear which was slightly under par to my tanky TBC days.
I have to focus on the Hodir and Argent enchants. And at some point i will reach that chain and have to follow it through.
On the gold side, i just reached 750'ish last night..theres cold weather flying, or duel spec.....Hmmmm which is more important?... heart says cold weather../sigh, but duel spec might be better for getting into the tanking role quicker..and get any drop items along the way.
However my bags are chocking with disenchanted gear, and there room to vellum the stuff and AH it all.
Thanks RedKiwi, i will have a listen to it tonight when i get home from work! last night i wasnt too bad questing away and either ignoring the urge to smoke or too busy to think about it...but i did have moments. Its better to be isolated for the early days of the habit kicking, imagine being in the fray of guild stuff...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Raiding & Smoking

I have always been critized for going afk and having a smoke. I guess that can be quite annoying to those who dont smoke, and like Rezinar (who used to smoke) can be especially annoying.
Since yesterday 17:45pm (17 hours ago) i have stopped smoking.
Now..i started smoking when i was...Mmm maybe 15, 16. Im 34 years old now.
So its probably ideal in that case, that im not raid-leading for the rest of this week, or raiding either. I'll let you know how it goes, but for the most part, i prefer no fuss, no mention or celebrations of that fact. I have 3 weeks (or 5 days) to get through, or just that moment of "Hmmm i think i have done it"

Level 74 and a shopping list

Titan Steel Eq - (Head Feet and Shield)
12 Saronite Bars
10 Titansteel Bars
3 frozen Orbs
Titanium Earthguard Chain
2 titanium bars
4 dragons eye
6 Eternal Life
6 Eternal Earth
1 Frozen Orb
Titanium Earthguard Ring
2 Titanium Bar
4 Dragons Eye
4 Eternal Earth
4 Eternal Life
1 Frozen Orb
Durable Nerubhide Cape
2 Artic fur
40 Nerubian Chitin
1 Frozen Orb

There looked to be enough people signed up for Uldar tonight, and with a quick check last night my pala is about 500g up and 200g transfered from my DK. As much as i can, i have to save enough money for Duel Spec at level 80, and a Cold Weather flying. That shouldnt be too bad to reach, considering daily's and Quests along the way.

I now have from Tonight, until next....Wednesday to concentrate on leveling. Things might go quiet until then..this is going to be a bit ...furious!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

GM Notes v2 - Summer Review

I was on the back foot this year, both Leni and i took a time out from gamaing to have a baby girl. I had an overwhelming urge..not to play my paladin in WOTLK. I cant remember what i thought at that time, however something that suprised me was Blizzard saying..."Look Duel Spec" ............damn you! and then i remembered why.
I remember from TBC the gear for both tanking and the offspec healing gear, but then little room for a dps option. Sure, Tanking would be my main spec, but what would my off spec be? There are always 2 evils...not enough Tanks, and or not enough Healers. I would rather offspec DPS purely for questing, dailies etc. I did try to tank with my Death Knight, but that was like trying to train an old dog (me) new tricks, it didnt gel, it wasnt right, and it was completely alien, and maybe i am too set in my ways....after all i did play a tank, tank specced for 3 years + Heyho! ...nothing like being licked in a 5 man as a paladin tank?

The role of playing a dps within a raid was....interesting, you can completely switch off while the RL and the MT and Main Healer sort out whats happening, pre raid and during. No responsibility! And i think thats where, in Leni's eyes, things havent been..right? For me, its different, seeing my guild without me as the main tank, and watching the pull...and i have to admit, sometimes i think "I wouldnt have done it like that" but i wouldnt be human if i didnt really? Although we have some great tanks in the guild, there always seems to be (and even i have felt it) the dependancy to both acknowledge your main tank, and trust / have faith in that one individual to be foot to foot perfect in a fight, a pull, a switch etc etc, and sometimes, its just not there...for me, and Leni, and im not sure about everyone else.. You know a bad pull when you can almost see it in slow motion, and you look up at your raid grid and see the lights go out one by one..a few sigh's on vent, and that long silence when your tempted to ask..".........anyone there?"
Why do guild raids have those moments, moments of lack of control, a boss fight you could do with your eyes closed in 10 man, suddenly becomes a UN summit of tactical debate. Having a 10 man limit on a 25 man raid probably didnt help, but thats now solved with a 26 man ventrillo.

Compared to TBC the guild has progressed alot more, alot is down to the officers poking at the guild and encouraging them, we have had some dis-heartening times, but again pulled through them. Sometimes you have got to persist to get things moving, and to encourage folk to make a brave step, yet again.

I dont know how much of a role i have been as a GM when i returned to playing, but some assured responses said that it was needed for me to return to the game and put a face to the guild leadership, and steer the guild back into the rythmn of things again. But, like i said above, somethings have thrown the rythmn out, Co-Op raids etc, /gquits and farewell's and so on. Butu nothing dramatical in comparison to last year!!

All thats really left to say this space.

Nad returns - Level 80 Paladin Tanking Field Manual - WOTLK

Tempered Titansteel Helm
Titanium Earthguard Chain
Tempered Titansteel Treads
Titanium Earthguard Ring
Durable Nerubhide Cape
Titansteel Shield Wall

Son's Of Hodir - Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle
Arg' Crusade - Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector

Spec 5-54-12
3.2 Gear
Link to

Defence - A level 83 mob (e.g., a raid boss) will have a 5.6% chance to crit a level 80 player with 400 defense. Accordingly, the player will need an additional 5.6 * 25 = 140 defense skill, or a total of 540 defense skill to be uncrittable by raid bosses. This is equivalent to 689 defense rating.

Defence - A level 82 mob (the highest level found in heroic 5-man dungeons) will have a 5.4% chance to crit a level 80 player with 400 defense. Accordingly, the player will need an additional 5.4 * 25 = 135 defense skill, or a total of 535 defense skill to be uncrittable in heroic 5-mans. This is equivalent to 664 defense rating.

Hit Rating - Against a raid boss, melee and ranged attacks have a base 8% chance to miss (this is changed from TBC, where ti was 9%), so 263 hit rating is required to eliminate all melee misses if there are no other bonuses to hit.

26.23 hit rating = +1% chance to hit with spells. For our purposes, this only applies to Righteous Defense.

26 expertise

Gems and Enchants

[Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector]: 37 stamina, 20 defense rating. Argent Crusade: Revered
[Arcanum of the Defender]: 16 defense rating, 17 doge rating. Keepers of Time: Revered

[Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle]: 20 dodge rating, 15 defense rating. Sons of Hodir: Exalted
[Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle]: 15 dodge rating, 10 defense rating. Sons of Hodir: Honored

[Greater Inscription of Warding]: 15 dodge rating, 10 defense rating. The Aldor: Exalted
[Inscription of Warding]: 13 dodge rating. The Aldor: Honored
[Master's Inscription of the Pinnacle]: 52 dodge rating, 15 defense rating. Requires Inscription (400)

[Enchant Cloak - Titanweave]: 16 defense rating
[Enchant Cloak - Major Agility]: 22 agility
[Enchant Cloak - Mighty Armor]: 225 armor
[Enchant Cloak - Superior Agility]: 16 agility
[Enchant Cloak - Steelweave]: 12 defense rating

The raw efficiency of Major Agility is mitigated somewhat by the fact that agility is not an optimal tanking stat, but it's still the best enchant to get if you're interested in pure avoidance. Mighty Armor is good if you're going for mitigation, and Titanweave is obviously the best enchant to get if you're still looking for defense.

Note that the high-end enchants are pretty expensive (Titanweave requires two Titanium Bars, for example) so if you're tanking on a budget the weaker enchants will give you more value for your gold piece -- especially if you're still using a blue cloak, for example.

[Enchant Chest - Exceptional Resilience]: 20 resilience
[Enchant Chest - Super Health]: 275 health
[Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats]: 10 to all (primary) stats
[Enchant Chest - Greater Defense]: 22 defense rating
[Heavy Borean Armor Kit]: 18 stamina
[Enchant Chest - Super Stats]: 8 to all (primary) stats

Greater Defense is the most itemization-efficient, and definitely the way to go if you still need/want defense, or if you can use the enchant to switch defense gems to something else. The super and mighty health enchants are only worth ~15 and ~10 stamina, since they don't get any effect from BoK or stamina talents; generally the stat enchants are going to be better than these if you don't want the defense. Resilience should only be used if you absolutely need it to reach the crit cap (such as with resistance gear). The armor kit comes out to 227 hp on average with talents and BoK; not as good as the health enchant, but not far off and a great deal cheaper.

[Enchant Bracer - Major Stamina]: 40 stamina
[Enchant Bracer - Major Defense]: 12 defense rating
[Leatherworking: Fur Lining - Stamina]: 90 stamina (req. 400 leatherworking)

Major Stamina is the most efficient option here by a significant margin. The only reason to go with the defense enchant is if you absolutely need it to reach the crit cap and you have no other options.
(Blacksmiths have an option to add a prismatic gem slot to their bracers. This does not count as an enchant.)

[Enchant Gloves - Armsman]: 10 parry rating, +2% threat
[Enchant Gloves - Major Agility]: 20 agility
[Enchant Gloves - Precision]: 20 hit rating
[Enchant Gloves - Expertise]: 20 expertise rating
[Heavy Borean Armor Kit]: 18 stamina
[Enchant Gloves - Major Strength]: 15 strength
[Reticulated Armor Webbing]: 800 armor (req. 400 engineering)
[Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket]: 1035-1265 fire damage, 1 min cooldown (req. 400 engineering)

All of the WotLK enchants are viable choices here, depending on what you want/need. Personally I'd recommend skipping Armsman until you get to the point where threat is actually a concern. The Major Strength enchant is from TBC, and should only be used if you're hell-bent on maximizing block value and dps. The armor kit is less efficient than the other options but if you really really want stamina, there it is.

If you're an engineer, the armor modification is excellent. At normal armor levels for a prot paladin, it'll reduce incoming physical damage by roughly 1.5-2% before blocking. The hand-mounted rockets are a fun toy, but between Hand of Reckoning and Exorcism, they're not likely to be necessary.

zeida: A note about the pyro rocket modification: They have an extremely wide firing arc (nearly 180 degrees) and a 45 yard range. Although the new single target taunt obviously offers superior damage and threat, and doesn't consume an enchantment slot, it will not possess this range or arc of the glove enhancement. I must confess I do use these, because I like to chain pull trash and they cut downtime substantially, but from a pure tanking standpoint, they are indeed hard to defend in terms of utility and worthiness.

[Eternal Belt Buckle]: Extra prismatic gem socket

The one and only good thing to put on your belt. Doesn't affect the belt socket bonuses in any way, so fill it with whatever you need most.

[Frosthide Leg Armor]: +55 stamina, +22 agility
[Jormungar Leg Armor]: +45 stamina, +15 agility

(Leatherworkers get a cheap leg armor patch with the same stats as the epic armor kit, but they can only use it on their own armor.)

The blue armor kit is a good deal cheaper than the epic kit, so plan accordingly if you're expecting upgrades soon.

[Enchant Boots - Greater Fortitude]: 22 stamina
[Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality]: 15 stamina, +8% run speed

The run speed improvement on Tuskarr's Vitality does not stack with the 15% increased run speed from the Pursuit of Justice talent. Take this into account when planning your build and your enchants.

There's also an engineer-only boot gadget, [url=]Nitro Boosts][/b], which increases your run speed for 5 seconds on use, with a 5-minute cooldown. At first glance, this looks like a nice answer to one of the weak spots of paladin tanks: the inability to close distances quickly (e.g., Intervene, Feral Charge, Death Grip). However, the rather unfortunate drawback is that the boosters have a chance to backfire and launch you straight up in the air. When this happens, mobs that you're tanking will lose aggro on you and run off to beat up other people, and you'll die from falling damage when you come back down unless you have Divine Shield ready, or your cloak has the parachute gadget. While this can obviously be an entertaining effect, your 25-man raid won't be particularly pleased if they wipe on a difficult fight because your boots malfunctioned. So use these only if you're really sure they won't get you into trouble.

zeida: The nitro boost boots modification may in fact malfunction and knock the user high into the air, dropping aggro, but should this occur, he will not fall to the ground and die instantly; instead he receives the Parachute buff (just as he would being dismounted flying over Wintergrasp or Dalaran) and will fall slowly to the ground. I do not know whether this breaks on damage or not.

They have an additional possible malfunction not mentioned - they will sometimes be fully ineffective and do absolutely nothing.

I personally do have the nitros on my tanking boots as a PoJ specced paladin, simply because I believe having the capacity to quickly cover great distance (even unreliably) is far more potentially decisive than 22 stamina. Obviously, using these things when I am actively tanking a major mob would be irresponsible except in dire circumstances; nonetheless I like having the option available to me."

[Enchant Ring - Stamina]: +24 stamina (req. 400 enchanting)

This is the "perk" for being an enchanter: you get 48 extra stamina from enchanting your rings in a slot where non-enchanters get nothing.

[Enchant Weapon - Accuracy]: +25 hit rating, +25 crit rating
[Enchant Weapon - Exceptional Agility]: +26 agility
[Titanium Weapon Chain]: +28 hit rating, 50% reduction in duration for disarm effects.
[Enchant Weapon - Potency]: +20 strength

The Titanium Weapon Chain is very nice for hit-capping, and until patch 3.08 it's probably the best overall value even if you have Pursuit of Justice (they don't stack). Accuracy has almost as much hit rating and a lot of crit, so it's a solid enchant but extremely expensive right now. Exceptional Agility is the only option if you want avoidance. Potency is included because it's the only +strength enchant, so it's the only way to increase block value if that's what you're really after.

(The planned Titanguard enchant for +50 stamina to a weapon has been removed and won't appear in the game.)

[Enchant Shield - Defense]: 20 defense rating
[Enchant Shield - Major Stamina]: 18 stamina
[Titanium Plating]: 40 block value

Defense or block value is generally the way to go here; Major stamina is a TBC enchant and should only be used if you really really really want stamina and you can't get it anywhere else.

Quick and Dirty guide to getting level 80 gear

This is a list aimed at tanks starting leveling in Northrend who need to put together a set of tanking gear quickly, but can also be useful for people looking for pieces in a slot or two. All the items listed here are blue quality, and can be obtained through quests, reputation, or crafting. Drops are not included because the intent is to give a list of gear that can be obtained quickly.
Starting at 71-74, do all Wyrmrest quests at the Wyrmrest temple. Once you've completed these, purchase a Wyrmrest Accord tabard and put it on. (Don't let the first level 80 instance catch you by surprise.) Continue wearing the tabard, and do the daily quest at Wyrmrest temple every day as you level until you reach at least Revered with the Wyrmrest Accord.
At level 74, get yourself a [Tempered Saronite Belt] off the Auction House or have someone make you one. Buy and attach an [Eternal Belt Buckle] to it, and socket it with a [Thick Sun Crystal] for a total of 69 defense rating. Optionally, purchase other pieces in the Tempered Saronite "set" to use as leveling gear or as fallback pieces in case you can't get one of the recommended items before you start raiding or doing heroics.
Head to Zul'Drak as soon as you can. (level 74 or so) and find a partner to do the "Wanted: Ragemane's Flipper" quest at given the first Argent Crusade camp. Get [Crescent of Brooding Fury] for completing the quest.
Still in Zul'Drak, follow quests to Argent Stand (the major Argent Crusade base in the zone). Do quests there to improve your Argent Crusade rep, including the dailies. Continue to do these daily quests every day as you level until you reach Revered with the Argent Crusade. (There are more quests that give Argent Crusade rep than Wyrmrest rep, so don't take off the Wyrmrest tabard until you're finished with Wyrmrest rep.)
Move back to the west edge of Zul'Drak and do the quests from the Argent Crusade Forward Camp for more AC rep. Also do Stefan's quests from Ebon Watch to acquire [Betrayer's Choker]. Socket it with a [Thick Sun Crystal] for a total of 29 defense rating.
When you reach an appopriate level (76-ish) start keeping your eyes open for a Gundrak group to complete the "For Posterity" quest and get [Solid Platinum Band].
When you go to train at level 77, get a [Saronite Bulwark] off the Auction House.
When you go to train at level 78, get some [Daunting Handguards] off the Auction House. Once back in Northrend, go to Wyrmrest Temple and purchase [Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions], and then go to the Argent Crusade camp in the southeast corner of Icecrown and purchase [Special Issue Legplates]. Apply a [Jormungar Leg Armor] to the legplates and socket them with a [Stalwart Huge Citrine] for a total of 87 defense rating..Also buy an Argent Crusade tabard and have it handy to switch when you do this.
Starting at level 78, keep your eyes peeled for groups for Halls of Stone to do the Brann Bronzebeard event and get [Pauldrons of Reconnaissance], and for an Oculus group to do the quests inside for [Bracers of Reverence].
Optionally, also keep your eyes peeled for Utguard Pinnacle groups; the instance will give you Rep with whatever faction's tabard you're wearing, and the plate chest reward from the quest in the instance is a useful intermediate and backup piece if you have trouble completing Wyrmrest rep.
Starting from the Argent Crusade camp where you purchased the legplates and tabard, complete the quest chain given by Tirion Fordring through the building of the new tower, and obtain [The Crusader's Resolution].
Follow the breadcrumb quests to your faction's airship and do quests for Thassarian (Alliance) or Koltira Deathweaver (Horde) to establish the new Ebon Blade base at the Shadow Vault. If/when you reach Honored, purchase [Toxin-Tempered Sabatons].
When you reach Revered with the Argent Crusade, purchase [Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector] and apply it to your helm.
When you reach level 80 and Revered with the Wyrmrest Accord, purchase [Breastplate of the Solemn Council].
As soon as possible, go to K3 in Storm Peaks and follow the chain starting with the quest "They Took Our Men!" until you get access to the Hodir quartermaster. Then begin working on dailies and other quests until you reach at least Honored with the Sons of Hodir and purchase [Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle] and apply it to your tanking shoulders. This does not need to be done to become uncrittable with the recommended set if you follow the instructions, but you should start on it as soon as you can find the time in order to work your way up to Exalted for the epic inscription.
If you have not already, obtain the following enchants:
A +12 defense rating enchant to cloak.
A +22 defense rating enchant to chest.
A +40 stamina enchant to bracers.
A +20 hit rating enchant to gloves
A +22 stamina enchant to boots.
A [Titanium Weapon Chain] to weapon.
A +20 defense rating enchant to shield. In total, you should have an additional 54 defense rating from enchants.

Enough is Enough,...With 3.2, new heroics, and an overhaul of the badge system before Maelstrom..whenever that is, im bringing Nadiastorm back into the game. There are a number of reasons why, many of which i should or should not say, but the main difficultly has been finding my role as a DPS ..limiting to what i am used to, and damned annoying when there is no tank available. Plus i have played this class for 3 years and feel alot more comfortable with it, and im not messing about with any indecision about it....Nad's coming back out of retirement