Wednesday, 22 October 2008

3.0.2 Gear Spreadsheet

And Deeper into the gear charts for current patch


Well, that didn’t last very long at all did it?
After playing a little on the PTR before the patch came out I wasn’t too impressed at the changes made. However in my typical subburn self of double checking and taking a leap of faith I hooked up Nad's shield and Sword and had a blast around the Isle of Dailies.
Much to my surprise, I appeared to be cleaving my way through mobs with very relative ease. I was addicted to the RSI & bunny staring at the head lights syndrome of right click, left click, 12121212 (Hammer of Righteousness and Holy Shield). Bagging my Armani Punisher and switching to the Blue rep reward sword from SSO, I found a new level of glee watching HOR crit for over 1k. Then higher when I switched to the Aldor rep epic sword, for 1.3k Holy damage.
WTF have you done to my pala Blizz? I think I love it.
No more crushing blows 102.5% bollox, just 490 Defence and get on with it…And about bloody time, feels like the paladin class have been relieved of its pink condom and allowed to breath, DPS, and tank with a decent proper tanking sword, mana issues sorted out with a buff that was more relevant to tanking (Sanctuary). Spell damage in relation to total stamina. Hammer of Justice interrupts spell casting on bosses…..who ever you are on the side of paladins, you deserve a Christmas bonus my friend, from both Ret and Protection paladins alike!
The pain in the ass now, is now getting a sword to get me back upto 490+ defence. -20 defence from anticipation, replaced by 5% dodge.
There's Honor"s Call and then there's The Sun Eater and its rpeety much a gamble of whether i will get HH rep first or H mech gets lucky.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Whats in a name...Nadiastorm Retires

A name means alot to folk that follow it, who are familiar with it. It has it's pro's and con's and all balances between good and bad reputation that name has earned throughout its gaming career.
I'm happy to say I have loved every moment, both good and bad as my career as a protection paladin. From the early days of tanking, when it was'nt a paladins role to tank at all other than be Ret or Holy specced.
As a GM, nothing changes, im the same player through and through, with the same mindset for a casual guild. Making good use of those who share the ideal of casual gaming and raiding and getting somewhere on the night.
It had to come to a point where I questioned whether I would play another class sometime, and I thought that time would have been on the release of The Burning Crusade, but circumstances prevented that, a guild split etc brought Nad up to the fore-front again by the members remaining to get a new guild going, …TDD. Otherwise i would have rebuilt TBR.
Im confident today that the guild will remain stable through the TBC to WOTLK expansion, folk are beginning to relax, think ahead, and enjoy the game for what its meant to be, a game. And the pressure of driving forward has subsided a little and people are more focused on their roles. Some new faces having also the oportunity to shine and show their skills and personality too. Everything seems to look, long standing, and even if there was a blip again, im sure we would still continue to survive as we always have, and a team fo friends. They have stood the test of adverse conditions of guild drama and politics to still remain loyal with the guild.
Other than enchanting people who still need enchanting, before the patch, Nad will remain dormant within the guild until the expansion, where I hope to return her back to where she belongs. She will be up for tanking 25 man's as required byt as a status of ALT should any ask if i want loot.
I have a lot of fond memories and experiences as a paladin, and will remember them all. And for what i really wanted to do, instead of doing what i felt was nessesary to keep online friends together within a guild, with something to do, now is the time to bid farewell to Nadiastorm.