Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Somethings coming for Blizz......

I have been a long believer in nothing stays ahead for all time, sooner or later something rises up against the leader of all MMO games. I have searched for a good 2 years for comparison game's to warcraft, knowing that sooner or later, Blizzard will have it's competition, come from nowhere.

Im not the usual person to say something is a wow killer, or this will be wow's new competition. I had reserved feelings about warhammer online, knowing it didnt quite look quite there, and other games like age of conan...
However, i am willing to stick my head out firmly here, and say..this will..put pie in warcraft's soup. Look at the character creation, and just about every other aspect of the game, and you just have to think....that cannot be real? seriously?

All you have to do, is sit back, and watch.. Out in May 2009, watch your watching is live closed beta in Korea. within 48 hours, NCSoft had to power up 25 extra servers. And eventually handled 170,000 + players in there first 3 days

You thought bosses where big in wow?

And here is the selection of classes, i recommend you watch the HD version

Character Creation

Part 2

And some ingame footage

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Unholy to Blood

After playing from 55 to level 68 as full unholy, i noticed my dps never seemed to climb any higher (on average) than 300 DPS.
Alot of the talents in this tree focus on pets, tanking abilities for AE tanking, (Trash) and so on, its almost like a prot pala. Other than the pet, it feels a little un-exciting over a period of leveling.

So im opting to have a go with the blood spec. Its more of a High DPS single target, single tank class role, with self healing done by damage output. im 68, so this would be a good start in the tree for me to dive into.
I have tried duel welding, (in Unholy) and the DPS doesnt match the 2 hander sword, so i will try this with blood spec, and see if there closer. Im told DPS is x2 when switched to blood spec, so we'll see tonight!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Death Knight

3 levels to go So far, outlands has been good to rush through. The DK has proven worthy of leveling solo, and capable as hunter almost in that class of leveling with a ghoul. Im still wearing the same blues at level 65 as i did when i left the DK starting area. Mostly because i like the look of it, but i am collecting gear and banking it as i go along, defence gear etc, and dps quest rewards and trinkets. 5 more evenings hopefully and i will be there. How is everyone else?

Well i managed 52% on level 65 so should hit 66 tonight. Then only 2 levels to go before i can catch the boat.
Im daunted about looking in the AH for any gear, before i head over, its probably all inflated to high hell.
Still saving for my flying skill, I wont need that anyway until level 76-78 anyway for NorthRend? If I can get away without getting a flying skill at in TBC. …but I probably will have to get one at some point for Netherstorm. Thats my next port of call after Nagrand, and the last area i level in before going to North Rend.

No professions at the moment, none, i'll think about that stuff after capping 80 though. Makes more sense to find out what im using, and then choose.

Non-stop. Compared to the paladin, the DK can non-stop (Depending on health) chain pull mobs constantly one after another, without breaks. This has been a world of difference in play, questing and ginding. And a welcome difference for both play style and play time..nothing worse than having to sit down after every fight for mana. But the same can be said for eating to get health back..;) and bandages, both at the same time is a pain lol