Thursday, 17 December 2009

Patch 3.3 & Xmas

Well its certainly improved the game. I have tried the random Dungeon and Heroic Dungeon feature and damn its no time at all. Simple, easy….fun.
Of course, you will get the occasional tool in your pug, but that’s just a fact of life in wow..there will be more tool’s.
Guildwise, I am pleased that our newest members have caught up with our current raiding level of gear with the triumph emblems. This patch has made the gap almost disappear, although the only limiting factor is time really, on whether you have the time to do these heroics for triumphs or not.

After this week, the guild breaks from raiding. It’s not until the second week of January we pick up again after the holidays. Raid leaders need a break too you know, and I think with all the work we have all done as a guild so far, social time will help to bond the guild more as a raiding/guild team even more for 2010.
We re-entered TOTC 10 last night after staying away from it for a month to play catch up on Ulduar, and whipped through the northrend beasts and x2 shotted Jaxx. The Champions are a pain in the ass, and I will have to read up some more on the mechanics of that fight, we made some headway on killing one paladin but needed work after the first 15 seconds.

So ticking away with the random heroics, getting my T9, and may even pug some raids for the next few weeks.
Im leaving ICC until the new year. But i despirately want to clear Ulduar for the guild achievement, and bring everyone up to spec gearwise and experience wise with tying up a raid instance. Having everyone together, just helps much more with bringing everyone together...