Monday, 24 September 2012

Mists of Pandaria

Oh, have i been away? Indeed i have..and missed the entire Cataclysmic expansion lol.
That's not to say, i did miss playing the game...and then i didn't at all.  So when i got word from Leni, she was considering returning to WoW, i thought i'd better updated both clients on our PC's and take a look at whats changed, if anything.  
Firstly, i think nearly everything on my paladin has changed, talents look unrecognizable, abilities/spells tweaked. My character left in Ret specced, so i have no idea what protection spec is like, and i didn't spend an awful lot of time playing about. Hmmmm, all i can say for now (Rubs chinny-chin-chin).
And secondly, nothing really, ...else has changed in the world of warcraft.  Im underwater, from where i left off.  So until i get above water level......