Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Respec, Respec

It was all trial and error, my first venture into Naxx was great, but opened up the floor to improvements that i needed.
Mostly, the above picture is a respec after the Nax run, and my DPS was half of that shown on Recount. Then after some further tweaking, the below is the result ..

There is alot of work gone into Macro's purely for rotations, so everything is neat, and easy to access other abilities. On top of the DPS talents are the core frost tanking abilities also. With TDD advancing, i would constantly playing catch up with the leading tanks. And with the baby almost here, i just dont have the time as i did before to commit some time towards gathering taking gear readily to main tank in Naxx or other places.

Rotation is ... PS -> IT -> BS -> BS -> HB -> (Gargolye / Death Coil)
/castsequence reset=4 Plague Strike, Icy Touch, Blood Strike, Blood Strike, Howling Blast
(If Rime Proc's hit Obliterate)

(With Gargolye on cooldown spam Death Coil to use up your Rune Power. Otherwise hit Gargolye)

/castsequence reset=4 Icy Touch, Pestilence, DeathChill, Howling Blast
Always use the ? icon for the macro, it will auto change the button icon to the spell in the current rotation

Death Knights’ Hit and Expertise - sounds cool, what’s it about?

Now as a Death Knight you have to worry about two types of Hit. Spell Hit and Melee Hit. Yes, they are different. Then, if you want to add in a side complication, there is the Melee Hit for DK’s who dual wield (DW).

Melee Hit
Versus a Raid Boss your special attacks (Read: yellow damaging attacks) all have a 9% chance to miss. This is for DW (dual wield) and 2H (two handers) DK’s.
32.79 Hit Rating is equal to 1% Melee Hit
295.11 Hit Rating is equal to 9% Melee Hit (this is the Melee Hit cap)
DW imposes a penalty, requiring 24.6% Melee Hit to reach the Melee Hit cap with white attacks
DW still only has a 9% Melee Hit cap for special attacks

Spell Hit
26.23 Hit Rating is equal to 1% Spell Hit
445.91 Hit Rating is equal to 17% Spell Hit (this is the Spell Hit cap)
Improved Faerie Fire (Balance Druid debuff) or Misery (Shadow Priest debuff) increases your spell hit by 3%, or 78.69 Hit Rating.
Virulence + Misery = 6% spell hit, or 157.38 Hit Rating

So what are the automatic bonuses to Hit for your character?
Unholy Spec: Virulence 3% spell hit
Draenei Racial: Heroic Presence 1% melee/spell hit

In a typical raid environment with Virulence and Heroic Presence you will only need 288.53 Hit Rating to Spell Hit cap, which is less than the 295.11 Hit Rating required to Melee Hit cap.
So what is your Hit Rating cap? Well this is where you have to sit down and do a little figuring on your own. Do you have a SP or Boomkin in your raids? Does your spec include Virulence? Do you get into the same party as a Draenei in a raid? Once you answer those questions, you can find out your hit cap with this information very quickly.

Taken from SkeltonJack

Dual Wield Tri-Spec

This spec focuses on the scalability of dual wielding and massive proc generation. It also makes particular use of Howling Blast as its main “strike” since HB is independent of weapon damage. For this build, you want a slow mainhand and a fast offhand. The fast offhand maximizes procs, while the slow mainhand maximizes Blood Caked Blade (BCB) proc damage (since offhand procs of BCB are based off mainhand damage).

Benefits brought by a Dual Wield Tri-Spec
The tri-spec offers the same raid utility as a deep frost build. The haste (especially the 5% personal from Imp Icy Talons) is essential to generating as many procs as possible, which is what makes this build viable.8.4.2.
Talents Choices 15/37/19: All of the points in this build are designed around maximized white damage and proc generation.

BCB, Howling Blast, and Killing Machine are absolutely required for a tri-spec to minimize the penalty of reduced strike damage when compared with a two-hander and to maximize procs to compensate.

8.4.3. Rotation
PS = Plague Strike
IT = Icy Touch
BS = Blood Strike
HB = Howling Blast
OB = Obliterate
DC = Death Coil

Note in the “DC” section, continue using Death Coil until you can’t cast anymore, meaning you have less than 40 RP remaining. Also, all Rime procs will be used in the “DC” section to cast HB. However, HBs usage must be primarily restricted to Rime procs.
Rotations are shown over ONE cool-down per rune, with full rotations lasting approximately 10 seconds.

X = HB unless a Rime proc is up, OB if Rime is up
PS -> IT -> BS -> BS -> X -> DC
(There are no death rune talents, so you will simply repeat this cycle)

There are no particular helpful Glyphs for this spec. Mostly the Blood Glyphs fit the Tri-Spec theme quite well, so for Glyphs help for DW Tri-Spec, see Blood Glyphs.

Taken from Elitest jerks DPS compendium


#showtooltip Mind Freeze

/cast Mind Freeze/cast Strangulate

#showtooltip Chains of Ice

/cast Chains of Ice

/cast Death Grip

PS -> IT -> BS -> BS -> X -> DC
/castsequence reset=target/Plague Strike, Icy Touch, Blood Strike, Blood Strike
/castsequence Trinket 1, Trinket 2
/cast DeathChill
/cast Howling Blast
/castsequence Icy Touch, Pestilence, Howling Blast
/cast DeathChill