Monday, 26 January 2009

Final Tank spec - Beta

I have been looking about and reading the talent trees on all three options, and picked out this.
To be able to tank and DPS (Quest or raid assist offtank etc) this seems the best balance for me.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


I have this question a lot, from ..mostly players enquiring about the guild and about joining. Our last recruit who has posted an application associated NadiaStorm with Tuatha De Danann. As a "I know of that name".
It curious to see that kind of comment from a player in a realm with like ours. Im also curious as to why Blizz decided to allow a sex/appearance change too. Some folk in the guild commented on how Nad should have turned to a death knight, fallen from the paladin class, into the Lich Kings power. Story in there somewhere…

Something to consider when I reach level 80. Meantime, when I do log in as Nadiastorm I get the usual ex TBR members asking silly questions, and taunting about how Nad is level 70 and not 80 yet etc etc. Competition, rivalry and past discretions, you may find it strange that old ex-TBR members /w me from time to time. You could probably tell by the tone, that its not the best characters of old TBR that whisper me. Strange huh? Come 80 I will rename Nad to the alt that’s in TBR with the funny í and rename Nuadah, and pay for the toon change.

Guilds been quiet over the holiday period, but come through good. Some of the very quiet members who joined on a *see what we are like* and *see what happenes* basis have moved on, some to other realms, and other just guildless. There will always be movers and shakers about this time of year, it goes with the mood of change.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I settled for blood spec, it has a good dose of dps, self healing and some minor defence talents.
Picking up 5 point in Frost and Unholy, adds a bit more aviodance and mitig' so a simple change of gear for quest/dps'ing is much easier to do than a paladin, in the same case.
I managed 2 five man runs to UK and Nexxus which proved pretty well for the DK, although the gear was lacking the class does show alot of promise for later on. I had a look at Darkstorms main tank (DK) and it was interesting to see him Unholy spec. Although alot of people say that either of the 3 trees are fine for tanking, any of them are suitable, some more so for AE tanking than others.

Level 74 and 20% left to get to 75. Nearly there.