Saturday, 27 June 2009


******************EP CALCULATOR************************

EP :WeaponDPS = 352
EP :Strength = 280
EP :AttackPower = 100
EP :ExpertiseRating = 80
EP :CritRating = 70
EP :HasteRating = 63
EP :HitRating = 63
EP :ArmorPenetrationRating = 57
EP :Agility = 36

Plague Strike8431649566792096524241064
Icy Touch149415468911799443534601868
Death Coil153381741711566565693002707
Frost Fever381581352278976010000483
Blood Plague379980906278689310000482
Blood Caked Blade416656380312289839504339
Wandering Plague278273262257609710000483
Blood Boil10285633127734301693001400
Main Hand19764477451416072404138191229
Off Hand114721181582705121423819424
DPS 3691
Total Damage 13286676550 in 1000 h
Threat Per Second 2447
Generated in 1071s
Template :DW 00-18-53 NAD2.xml(C:\Documents and Settings\Storm\Desktop\DK\DKSimulator0.8.4\Templates\DW 00-18-53 NAD2.xml)
Priority :Dual.xml(C:\Documents and Settings\Storm\Desktop\DK\DKSimulator0.8.4\Priority\Dual.xml)
Presence :Unholy
Sigil of :FrozenConscience
RuneForge :FallenCrusader / FallenCrusader
Pet Calculation :True

After respeccing and double checking my Glyphs where right, i tried out a VOA25. Im alot happier with the result, and flexability the spec gives to both ranged and melee.
Next ground test will be any raid 10/25.

The spec is exempt from the coming 3.2 patch incoming with regards to Scourge strike, however Death Coil and Descration might be something to look into further to plan ahead.

The main issue would be that i cannot take out Descration, and still have the end talent of Gargoyle. 3.2 new talent might be the balancer of lossing Gargoyle, however tests would need to be trialed to see if it would be the case or not.

Nevermind, i found a beta talent builder. looks like the talents would be as linked...more later

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Duel-welding Returns

00-13-58 changed to 00-15-56


I started out with the simulator and tried out various duel welding options, and liked the 00-13-58. However I found the timing of rotations a bit awkward and decided to shuffle the placements of a few. By placing 2 points in Improved holy presence seemed to make the whole rotation alot more smoother without pausing for runes or global cool downs. So the whole combat rotation phase was consistant and constant
Several tests on Kahorie's DK simulator Beta 0.8.4
Priority FF and BP > Rune Dump = UB > Gargoyle > DC
Plague Strike 103047977 8 79466 54 40 4 1296
Icy Touch 132752469 10 79991 69 30 0 1659
Death Coil 131219938 10 50760 69 30 0 2585
UB 61160980 4 326990 100 0 0 187
Frost Fever 38823622 3 79246 100 0 0 489
Blood Plague 36859074 2 79068 100 0 0 466
Necrosis 63069682 4 431209 100 0 0 146
Blood Caked Blade 40309395 3 122930 94 0 5 327
Wandering Plague 26260749 2 54915 100 0 0 478
Blood Boil 103737864 8 77267 69 30 0 1342
Main Hand 179751762 14 160619 44 36 19 1119
Off Hand 107042080 8 270590 44 36 19 395
Ghoul 133463420 10 343063 80 12 6 389
Gargoyle 108113478 8 62147 84 12 2 1739
Raz 3210009 0 270590 100 0 0 11
DPS 3525
Total Damage 1268822499 in 100 h
Threat Per Second 2321
Generated in 196s
Template :DW 00-15-56 Nad.xml(C:\Documents and Settings\mowatc\Desktop\DK\DKSimulator0.8.4\Templates\DW 00-15-56 Nad.xml)
Priority :Dual.xml(C:\Documents and Settings\mowatc\Desktop\DK\DKSimulator0.8.4\Priority\Dual.xml)
Presence :Unholy
Sigil of :FrozenConscience
RuneForge :FallenCrusader / Razorice
Pet Calculation :True

******************EP CALCULATOR************************
EP :WeaponDPS = 365
EP :Strength = 280
EP :AttackPower = 100
EP :HitRating = 69
EP :CritRating = 68
EP :ExpertiseRating = 65
EP :HasteRating = 61
EP :ArmorPenetrationRating = 58
EP :Agility = 30

Necklaces & Rings
Trinkets - Pyrite Infuser - Flame Leviathan
Most gear found in the Construct Quarter of Naxx


Something to help with Frost procs, will trial tonight.

Co-operations raids can either work,

...or fall appart with some serious damage to (both) guilds.
You get to see how one guild compares to another with regards to loot, and organisation. Its all based on trust, and sticking to your word, break it and you lose all honour you earned.
You cannot bring internal guild looting rules to the table of a co-op raid and expect the other guild to accept it and roll with it. Especially a EPGP system or DKP one.
You have to keep it basic, as the concept of a co-op raid is…simply an organised pug.
And organised pug is about as organised as you will get with looting rules. 2 Epics max, and because your co-operating, you have to make consessions for Alts, as in being…they can have whats left over, NOT roll along side main roles within the raid, IE main characters.
The decision came to end the co-op was based on 2 things, 2 of their members leaving their guild due to their internal looting system, and secondly having a dis-regard for another guild. In respect of thats system.

If you find yourself arguing about whether an Alt can roll alongside your main tank, healers, and dps classes who are struggling to gear up to the same level as your top 5 dps on recount, ..something is fundamentally ....wrong in perspective of the co-operation, you may aswell pug in that respect.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

That's better

After my previous post, I gained a sense of *ugh* about levelling my paladin, gearing and rep etc etc. The guild still has a sense of..wheres our tank tonight (not directed at me ofc) but we seem to be using a lot of Off-spec folk to fill in the spots for Main Spec tanks. Lots of RL reasons, so no-body can complain, and nobody hasn’t either, but im distracting myself now from what I intended to write.
I paid for a character re-customisation, changed my name and made Nuadah, look like Nad. And to be honest about it, I was much happier seeing that, without logging into the game…strange huh?
I like to have a sense on continuity, and I guess others within the guild do too. So the name was changed to Nadiastorm (*Note the funny i*) which is name more familiar inside and outside of TDD. (And I refer back to the earlier blogs about association, names and familiarity).
Guild-wise the progress of WOTLK continues in a very progressive and steady course, with very little left to get from Naxx 10 from individuals, im pointing the Wednesday (Hug a Guildie) to OS 10 first, then starting on Naxx afterwards for a head start for Tarnya's Thursday event. The following week will be Malygos (If we can get some instant group heals & HoT along for the vortex stage), otherwise it will be a repeat of OS / VoA and Naxx again from the week before.
Our co-op raids have increased from Monday's to both Monday's and Tuesday's. Last Monday saw a clear of 2 wings, leaving Military and Construct left over. Those looking to see the 2 end bosses of Naxx will be able to on Tuesday's…and they had better read up on them.
In a discussion with Tarnya last night, along with Saaj and Trivia, we talked about changing the scene weekly. Instead of posting the regular set days of 10 mans, to mix them up a bit more and add some variety, and I quite bored would you get plugging on through the week with the same raid on each day, every day of the week. /yawn
We set a simple ruling on Co-Operative loot, 2 epics max each per night, and an open roll to all (inc those who have 2 epics already during the night) for unwanted epic loot. No EPGP, or DKP system, no red tape of debate. Simple fast and in the long term, fair

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Half Term is up, and the result is...

I have to say…I didn’t think it would come to this. I have spent numerous times contemplating it, over the months. Debating on this blog and in everyday life, while at work and so on and so on. After struggling for some years, and persevering through difficulties, and decisions, I think it is safe to say I have finally come to the conclusion after seeing the duel spec option within the game. It will take some time and some stealth pug's to get to the same level as TDD, and that could take some time over-all, but questing outside of the guild and pugging shouldn’t be a problem, never has been really. And outside of the Monday Wednesday ad Thursday, theres ample time to play catchup.
With enough experience from Nuadah, Nadiastorm shouldn’t have much problem tanking the 5 mans and raiding pugs in LFG. Challenge is, how quickly can it be done?
The DK is certainly an awsome class. Many of its abilities as a DPS class, and Tanking class make it an astonding all rounder, however its complicated by minor nerfs, and the "curse up & spam" a finishing move. Retribution seems far simpler and easier to rotate without growning a 6th finger on my left hand. I have'nt got used to the "1 hand on keyboard, and the other holding down the left and right button for moving" setup of playing before, and lthough with time I have got used to it, it does feel,….alien. If I had a chocie between a dps DK and Ret paladin, I think I would opt for paladin due to the familiar rotation of skills and timings. To play the DK well, I feel you need to be really commited to it. And I am not, so while i lead and envolve myself in raids i will be picking up the unwanted items only.