Sunday, 18 December 2016

Smells like new blood and fresh rain

So after queuing on the opening night of the launch, I was stuck with the dilemma of what character to roll.  After watching a youtube video (linked later) I figured I was either going to go Warrior or Warlock.
The Alliance side was swamped, over 40 people standing in the abbey, and every other race starting area was both amusing, encouraging, and frustrating.  But, remembering my racial traits I decided for a change to roll Tauren.  Within the hour I saw an ad for guild, recruiting, and thought "hell why not"

It was great to see an active chat, folk helping each other out and having conversations!! lol I have not seen that in guild chat for a long time.  Will it last?... we'll just have to see in this new adventure on Elysium/Nostralius 


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