Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Plans for 2017, Nostalrius PVE

uatha De Danann was and is a great guild, I have lead a few guilds in my gaming experience.  And one thing I have learned is "No, don't do it".  Even if I wanted to, I do not have the time and resources to be able to setup or maintain one. (however, I would very reluctantly accept an officer role). In all my attempts to re-kindle my love of thegame, one this has been perpetually missing, and that's the community of players who made it, both within the guild and outside it. However, like me, many of the players have moved on.
My aim is to do every dungeon, and explore the Horde world side of WoW. Having spent many years on alliance this will be an interesting and different view of the game I haven't seen yet.
I may raid, I might not, depending on how much time it'll take to get involved in a 40 man raid.  I missed the entire 40 man raiding

World PVP

  Even though im on a PVE server, there's the old school mind-set that PVE is an option, unlike a PVP server where its PVP always. The old honor system & Ranking of reputation etc, im expecting to get involved in some of it.  It was a big thing for me in my early days of warcraft, and like to see it again.   When TBR's was in its early days, we would have weekly PVP events to Crossroads,  Astranaar or Tarren Mill.  Experiencing that world event would bring a little joyful tear to the eye too lol...good times.
Should be able to update later this week, so far I have reach level 11.  And im uncertain what talents to take up first.....

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