Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Nostalrius / Elysium Weekend review, reflection

Saturday I didn't get online until about 9pm UK time.  I was expecting trouble, server outages, etc and when I finally got on an hour later I joined the que.  2 servers were launched on 17th, both a PVP and a PVE server.   And along with the volume of players eager to get online, Elysium also suffered six DDOS attacks during its launch weekend.   There was a blanket banning of accounts, to find the problem, and later accounts where re-enabled.    Theres one thing here, throughout all of this, was that old feeling of.."i remember all this on Blizzards servers" once upon a time.
I attempted to roll an alliance character on the PVE server, and found myself in every starting area swamped with new characters in a the middle of a mass extinction event of NPC mobs.  I was entertained on chat by all the conversations being had, and could see those players who were obviously new to "Vanilla" and having to learn the hard way...

As time went by, I reflected on all of my Warcraft experience as Alliance, I decide this time, I would re-roll a Horde character; So a Tauren warrior it was.  I had flirted with the ideal of Horde on the live servers, but it was always short term and forgotten about after a week. 
The starting area was crowded, and a lot of players were working together to achieve progress.  There were quite a few guilds posting in chat, recruiting.  After a few hours I decided to reply back to one that spoke to my interests "The Rejects" Social weekly events, and eventual raiding. 


   One thing I cannot stress enough, and I really cant. Is the level of player communication in global chat, guild chat, local chat....any chat.  And while questing along I couldn't help but read, and sometimes engage in the conversation.  This aspect of the game itself breathes life into the "community" of the game.  This level of passion and enthusiasm for the game draws you in, makes you feel part of "a world" which is breathing.  And yeah... I have missed that, haven't you?


If your familiar with Vanilla PVE, then skip this bit.  But if this is your first time, then your about to either struggle or frustrate yourself until you get used to this.  Some short points to make here.
  1. You will die, probably several times questing mobs (in groups)
  2. Money is tight, so spend wisely.
  3. Travel time, and patience, co-operation with others
  4. Be aware of your surroundings.
  5. Don't die too much or your will break your gear $$
There's nothing quite like watching folk run away from 3-4 mobs trying not to die from an accidental/bad pull.  Having remembered how to pull playing as a tank in old Warcraft, it was good to throw out invitations now and again to complete a kill quest. Quest done?..leave group /thank /bye


I really enjoyed myself, at one point I found myself in a bad situation of dying 8 times and running back to my corpse many times, before I took up a small group to complete a quest.  Being careful what I choose to spend money on, and setting priorities!  I haven't a clue whether I want a profession or not, BS or Alchemy etc...  but a gathering profession surely is next on my list of to-do's.
There's an observation within the guild that a lot of people are rolling warrior tanks, but im sure after some time these people will change their minds in later levels....


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