Thursday, 22 December 2016

Crossroads! Level 12

So I made it to Crossroads at level 12, one of the iconic areas of warcraft in Vanilla.  I have been using Questie and Vanilla Guide addons to assist me questing ingame, as I have never reached this level as a horde before.  And having never really adventured as Horde, i need that little bit of guidance.
Leveling so far has been pretty easy, not that I haven't had my share of deaths along the way.  I have found a big 2 handed mace better than a mace and shield.  Killing something quicker, is better and more efficient than out living it in a fight.  I'm pretty sure I am over-due some warrior training too, and I still haven't allocated my talent points yet!
I might go arms spec for a dozen or so levels, I remember fury taking a few more levels to kick in, and saving money would be better spent on 1 weapon rather than two 1 handed?... we'll see

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